How to get the best out of AA and your computer
by artemis3 11 Feb 2015, 00:04
hi ple ive been trying to access my online account for at least 3 months ive been in contact with kubra but still no joy ive been in touch also with someone called sevcan who at first tried to help but still im in the dark then I get a email from HQ and think yes finally sorted I reply to them asking for someone to contact me this was last Thursday and still nothing im beginning to get really worried as the money I have in my account isn't peanuts its my savings and all I have so my Question is to my fellow members 1, is there anyone having the same problems & 2. what can I do to get this sorted many thanks in advanced
by Juco 11 Feb 2015, 00:31
I cant really help with your situation but have to say that (in general terms) their customer service is deplorable, I have had an account with Giranti and although my money is still there and earns some interest trying to get any communication is almost impossible, it appears they are not interested in answering general queries unless you are wanting to deposit more money with them.

Based on my experiences I would think your cash is ok but trying to get them to `talk` to you is like asking the impossible.

Others may have an email for some sort of direct link.

by christella 11 Feb 2015, 17:51
are you having trouble logging in with your password if so it was the same for others and after changing the phone sim to lycomabile it was ok

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by cozy3pilot 12 Feb 2015, 04:38
Hi, I also had a similar problem a couple of months ago, I had 2 accounts with akbank, one was a sole account in my name and the other a joint account. apparently akbank rules are that you cannot have internet banking with a joint account. In the end they called the account something else and it worked. I also changed my tel no thinking it was at fault, I am now also with lycamobile.
It was Sevcan and Kubra who sorted it in the end for me. wasn't easy though.

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